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Singh is Collab King: Why Ranveer Singh's brand magnetism reigns supreme in Bollywood

The actor is at the top with a brand value of $181.7 million, surpassing Indian cricketer Virat Kohli.
Corporate Communications and PR

Edtech: Where did all the love go?

The tale of edtech taking the entire Indian academic world by storm, has seen a slump. Between legal issues and ad misadventures, what’s edtech’s path to redemption?

What is slowing down the 'Tupperware Party'?

Brand analysts discuss what led to the downfall of the iconic plastic container brand.

Will Bollywood’s present woes affect celebrity brand endorsements?

Consistent box office disappointments coupled with daily boycott calls do not bode well for actors’ brand deals.

Who is next in line to ride the ‘Quick Commerce’ gravy train?

Q-Commerce is here to stay and while online grocery firms made it their own, we check which category is most likely to embrace it next.

Why are some of our best-known managers on the move?

Shubhranshu Singh. Rashi Goel. Swati Mohan. Minoo Phakey. These are just some of the many names that have changed companies recently. They are part of a larger trend.

When Cristiano Ronaldo 'moved' millions for Coca-Cola

When Ronaldo put two Coca-Cola bottles out of sight, he caused quite a stir on the Internet and stock markets.

“Mind your own business” belts out Apple in new film that takes the promise of privacy ahead

This adds a new chapter to the discussion around how advertisers can target iPhone users.

Panasonic AC takes on Covid induced 'spray culture'; tells us to "chill" instead

Cross segment rivalry plays out in an AC ad that mocks recently formed disinfection habits.

ITC Bingo takes on namkeen brands and Kurkure…

… As it introduces four new namkeen flavours under its 'Tedhe Medhe' sub-brand.