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Are frequent local lockdowns the biggest threat to the recovery of the FMCG sector?

Unexpected and crippling, industry experts weigh in on whether these lockdowns are responsible for the slow FMCG recovery.
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"I will manufacture more products that require the least amount of labour": Mayank Shah, Parle Products

Ninety per cent of FMCG volumes are sold through traditional distribution channels, says the category head, Parle Products. Multiple channels must work for you to win in the current scenario.

Parle-G thanks frontline workers in new digital film

It's a PSA reminding us of all those putting their lives at risk by venturing outside every day to make sure we, in our homes, stay safe.
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Is the current disruption an opportunity for local brands?

As national players deal with supply chain, distribution, and marketing challenges, we ponder whether it's open season for local brands.

Parle 20-20 promotes positive thinking in its new campaign


"Who is your Parle-G?"


Music on TV versus Music on apps


Print media is growing; will print advertising follow?


"Our individual brands have become bigger than brand Parle": Mayank Shah, Parle Products

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Should Indian brands re-look the way they buy digital media?