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Zee strengthens the role of independent advisory panel to investigate allegations levelled by SEBI and others

The ‘Independent Advisory Committee’ has now been renamed as an ‘Independent Investigation Committee’.

Subhash Chandra challenges the SEBI order with SAT: ET

Subhash Chandra challenges Sebi's SAT ban, which is confirmed on August 14, 2023, while Goenka secures a stay order.

SEBI may challenge SAT ruling favoring Punit Goenka

Zee board is expected to convene shortly to discuss Goenka's ongoing role within the company.
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Tak Channels' CEO Vivek Gaur resigns

Gaur will continue at the channel until January 18, 2024, according to the company's disclosure to Securities and Exchange Board of India.

SAT sets aside SEBI order against Punit Goenka, allowing his return as Zee MD and CEO: Reports

The tribunal, however, has allowed SEBI to continue its investigation into the matter.

SAT overturns SEBI's insider trading order on Prannoy and Radhika Roy

SEBI had barred the Roys from buying, selling, and dealing in securities directly and indirectly for two years in November 2020.
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Does SEBI's regulatory proposal ring a death knell for finfluencers?

SEBI's consultation paper seeks to transform finfluencers from 'influencers' into 'informers'. Industry heads provide insights on how it can impact business.

SEBI seeks changes in SAT order against Puneet Goenka

Changes have been requested in the SAT order calling for a different Whole Time Member in the case.

Indian Ministry of Corporate affairs orders probe into Eros International's account

As per a Reuters report, the ministry ordered the probe after it was "satisfied" that an inspection was required to check allegations of fund siphoning

SEBI bans Eros International from the market, CEO and MD barred from holding board posts

CEO, Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi has been barred from having any directorship in any publicly traded company other than Eros International.