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Much more than memes: 10 things millennial marketers should know about ‘MDH Uncle’

"M..D..H... MDH!" The jingle is as popular as the turbaned face of the brand... who passed away yesterday. Our guest author pens a quick memoir.
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When Underdogs Exit - A Pepsi story

From being seen alongside Michael Jackson back in the day, to today's face Salman Khan, Pepsi's history of siding with the underdog has seen a shift.
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Seven things I am taking back to office from the lockdown

Some of these newly formed habits will tend to stay on with us. There will be things that we repeat, some we will give up along the way.
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Netflix... and other acts of bravery

As people lap up, discuss, critique, analyse - and in some cases read - 'Sacred Games', our guest author pens an essay on Netflix, the 'brave' platform it's on.
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Spot The Fake Ad

It all comes down to 'Caveat Emptor' which basically means 'Buyer Beware' or 'Jaago Grahak Jaago'.
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Google Ad Fraud Refund: Why is no one rattled in India yet?

It's simply not big enough a problem in India yet.