Mudra’s Brand Therapist bags UNICEF Rosa project

The campaign for the project will communicate across 8 countries including Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Maldives

Brand Therapist, Mudra’s specialised unit in the health and lifestyle segment, has won the creative duties for UNICEF ROSA (Regional Office of South Asia) project. The pitch for the project happened three months back. The agencies in the fray could not be ascertained. The media buying and planning will be done in-house.

The project will specifically aim at curtailing the outbreak of bird flu in South Asia. The campaign for the project will communicate across varied cultures and borders in eight countries: Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Maldives.

According to Meera Sharath Chandra, national creative director, Mudra Marketing Services, the campaign will be conducted in three phases in one-minute film format with the support of other media. The first phase will emphasise how effectively the avian flu can be avoided. It will include critical preventive measures. If the virus reaches beyond this stage and continues to spread, then phase two and three will be activated with high alert. Phase two will take care of the virus spreading among the bird population, while phase three will take care of the virus crossing the bird population and spreading among humans. He is hopeful that such an eventuality will never come to pass.

Commenting on the project win, R Lakshminarayanan, chief executive officer, Mudra Marketing Services, says, “The biggest challenge for this particular project will involve understanding different cultures and eventually make the communication independent of the language. Apart from strategic analysis and conducting in-depth audience research, we will also evaluate the impact of the campaign as a whole.”

Soumitra Sen, president, Brand Therapist, says, “We have created a specialised communication model for UNICEF ROSA that will be media-neutral. This model will help increase awareness of the flu among communities by encouraging people to know more about the epidemic and impart a behavioural change by taking corrective action.”

The media mix for the project will mainly include television and radio.

For the record, Brand Therapist is aligned with the DDB Health and Lifestyle network and specialises in integrated health and lifestyle communication. The key clients of Brand Therapist include USV, Wyeth, Bristol Myers Squibb, Novacea, HLFPPT and Glenmark.

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