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The dawn of the Vision Pro and more; here is everything that dropped at the Apple WWDC 2023

Every year, Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developer Conference by dropping products, updates, and hints about the future. This year was no different. Here are the best bits:

Vision Pro:

Apple showed off its virtual reality headset, which costs $3,499 and will retail in 2024. It blends AR and virtual reality and lets you experience digital content by superimposing it on your surroundings. The device, as per Apple, will run the Microsoft Office suite, apps Adobe, and Disney+, and is powered by Apple’s M2 chipset. 

M2 Ultra:

Featuring a 24-core central processing unit, the M2 Ultra is two of Apple’s biggest M2 Chips bonded together, and is now the company’s most powerful processor coming to the Mac Pro and Mac Studio.

A 15-inch MacBook Air

With an 18-hour battery life featuring the M2 Chip, the 15-inch MacBook Air is being touted as the thinnest fifteen-inch laptop because it is only 11.5mm thin.

Updates to AirPods, iPad, Apple TV, a new journaling app, and NameDrop

New Adaptative Audio Feature in AirPods mixes noise cancellation with transparency mode; making it easier to walk down the street being aware while enjoying noise cancellation.

As part of iPadOS17, the new Health app, available till now only on the iPhone, will launch on the iPad.

With Apple TV, users can now FaceTime on television with the iPhone or iPad doubling up as a webcam.

A new journalling app surprisingly called ‘Journal’. 

iPhone users in close proximity can share contact details and even photos with another user.

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