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If COVID were to get its own 'Do boond zindagi ke' pro-vaccine ad, what should it look like?

This is the opportune moment for a mass scale ad campaign to get Indians to overcome their vaccine hesitancy. Creative experts on what a 'COVID vaccine ad' should look like.

A free cab to get the jab; Uber pledges free rides worth Rs 10 cr for vulnerable citizens to get vaccinated

The cab-hailing app has also partnered with the Robin Hood Army (RHA) to help senior citizens register on the CoWin platform.

Lifebuoy PSA cautions against complacency just because lockdowns aren’t in force…

… Urges you to keep washing hands with soap or use an alcohol-based sanitiser.

New COVID vaccine callertune replaces Amitabh Bachchan’s voice

The new callertune reassures people that the vaccine is safe and urges people to take it; and not to believe in hearsay.
Road To Recovery

"Indian customers are among the smartest and savviest": Amitabh Pande, IKEA India

A chat with the India marketing head of Swedish home furnishings retailer.

Lifebuoy's new ad harps on hugs and kisses in a social distancing era

'Jhappi and pappi' (hugs and kisses) in times of COVID? Lifebuoy's new ad is told from the perspective of an overly affectionate child.

After surfaces and floors, brands now battle for air space; Dabur, Godrej create air sanitiser segment

Air fresheners are now air sanitisers. Meanwhile, air conditioners and air purifiers repurpose their USP to suit the times – they claim to kill viruses.

From Puma to Porsche, Debosmita Majumder on marketing, tennis and more

A chat with the new marketing head of Porsche India.

Dunzo's animated short film is a lockdown reminder that 'the story gets better'

The film illustrates how loneliness and the isolation of the coronavirus lockdown adversely affected people.

Trials extend from 15-30 days; how are e-commerce shopping patterns changing?

Thanks to the Coronavirus, e-commerce platforms are seeing an increase in traffic this festive season.