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What’s the fate of COVID-era products?

Do people still care enough to sanitise different surfaces, or boost their immunity?

This is how COVID has boosted India's pet food market

The Rs 4,000-crore market grew at a CAGR of 30-35% over the past two years.
Points of View

Will the third COVID wave affect ad spends as compared to last year?

We take a look at the difference in ad spends between the second and third COVID waves through the eyes of three media experts.
Social Media

Zomato, Dabur, Dunzo prescribe Dolo650 memes in ‘22’s first big social media trend

The first week of 2022 went from sharing ‘happy new year’ to ‘get well soon’ wishes in a jiffy. Here’s what made brands ride on #Dolo650 trend.

Building e-commerce in languages for the next billion Indians

What is the potential of the growing Indian Internet market for social commerce when accessed in different languages? A panel discusses.

Dhoni stars in ad for self-testing COVID kits by Meril Diagnostics

The campaign aims to encourage and educate consumers on testing, and shows them how to do it themselves at home.

Domino's pushes 'vaccine discount' campaign; partners with artists for 24 social media posts

The brand takes #HaathBadhaoIndia #VaccineLagaoIndia initiative ahead with a new TVC as well as social media posts.

Domino’s rolls out repeat discounts for vaccinated customers

However, unlike other offers, the discount can be claimed for four different orders.

Brands woo vaccinated customers with freebies, discounts

Got jabbed? These brands are doing their part to help people overcome hesitancies about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.
Editor's Note

100 year old pandemic, 100 year old advertisements...

Just like we see today, even 100 years ago brands claimed their products prevented or cured the deadly influenza virus. There was a similar barrage of hygiene and immunity products that promised protection from the flu.