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Viral Diaries

Viral Diaries: "I seriously miss my usual morning rush..."

Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and consumer business head, Acer India, tells us how he makes an example out of himself as he leads his teams

Watch 'Epicenter: 24 hours in Wuhan' on DocuBay

The documentary captures how people in Wuhan fought against COVID-19 outbreak.

"We should never forget what creativity can do": Simon Cook

Cannes Lions' MD says they're opening their platform to share fascinating stories that tell how creativity can create positive change.

Cannes Lions 2020 is officially cancelled

Its next edition will be held from June 21-25, 2021 because the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the Coronavirus crisis.

"Content plays a vital role in all brand communication": Carlton D'Silva

A chat with the co-founder of House of Awe about digital marketing, film marketing and the nuances of content creation in times of COVID-19
Anonymous Angst

“If you’re living alone, it’s a nightmare…”

How are the young, 20-something foot soldiers of the ad-media space coping? Our series 'Anonymous Angst' explores the underbelly...

The cast of 'Contagion' create PSAs from their homes...

... to talk about the Coronavirus, how it spreads from one person to another and why you should follow the precautions prescribed by public health officials
Social Media

Famous Innovations asks Google to add new feature to Google Maps

The Mumbai-based creative agency has asked Google to add the feature that will show crowds as red dots when the map is in walking mode
Post Lockdown

"People, distributors might be more inclined towards digital enablement"

Abhishek Gupta, chief marketing officer, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance, talks about marketing after lockdown

Portugal Tourism's new ad talks of hope while the world locks itself

The ad tells us we all need to take a break, rethink, refocus, recalibrate, and then go back to the world we love so much.