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Quaker Oats retires Aunt Jemima line of syrups, foods

PepsiCo acknowledges that the name and logo of the line of products is based on a racial stereotype, and is no longer acceptable.
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Starbucks launches Black Lives Matter merchandise after social media backlash

Baristas will now be allowed to wear t-shirts that bear a graphic design that shows their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.
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Tinder draws ire over profile bans for 'Black Lives Matter' supporters

Twitter users complained about their accounts being banned when they tried to raise funds for the ‘BLM’ movement, or add the hashtag to their bio.

Spotify quietly shows support for 'Black Lives Matter' movement

It participated in 'Black Out Tuesday', and now, it's boosting Black musicians and podcasts. This is how Spotify has been supporting the 'BLM' movement.
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Reebok ends partnership with CrossFit over CEO's racist tweet

Glassman's racist tweet has cost him more than social media credibility. CrossFit will no longer be working with Reebok, Rogue Fitness.
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With anti-racism messages, brands support George Floyd

Major consumer facing brands and platforms come together to display their support against the issue of racism and the recent tragic death of George Floyd.