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ASCI chiefs on gender stereotyping and portrayal of women in ads

Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani felt ASCI guidelines on gender stereotyping have come a bit too late.

When all publicity is not good publicity

The Layer’r Shot ad has put the spotlight on the pitfalls of in-house creative teams and why checks and balances are crucial to good advertising.

Manisha Kapoor appointed as ASCI's CEO

She will continue to hold onto the post of secretary-general that she has held since September 2020.

ASCI's Manisha Kapoor joins the executive committee of the International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation

She will play a leadership role on the committee till 2023.

ASCI and Futurebrands partner for a study aiming to shape positive gender depiction in advertising

One of the aims of the study is to make advertisers less dependent on stereotypical gender depictions says ASCI sec-gen Manisha Kapoor

ASCI processed over 6,000 complaints against misleading ads in 2020

Education and healthcare topped the violators leaderboard followed by food and beverages (F&B), and personal care.

Influencer creativity and engagement under a cloud after ASCI’s guidelines?

Sketches with brand plug-ins towards the end and viewership are under threat if one has to declare at the start that a post or video is an ad.

“We’re asking influencers to disclose if their post is an ad or not”: ASCI’s Manisha Kapoor

A chat with ASCI’s secretary-general on the body’s draft guidelines for social media influencers.

ASCI’s gaming guidelines receive overwhelming response from consumers

80+ complaints processed against potential violators in 7 weeks.

You can do something more productive with a complaint than a Twitter rant says ASCI's Manisha Kapoor

The body's sec-gen talks about its new campaign that urges consumers to register complaints against misleading ads than ignoring them.