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Amul Cheese sheds its skin; takes on a new red, yellow and blue avatar 

The pack now appears youthful and modern. But considering its popularity, was the design change necessary? 

How a classic brand can stay relevant to Gen Z

Getting the attention of these 20-somethings is hard enough. But how do old, heritage brands still manage to appeal to the young?
Points of View

Making sense of the fuss over Myntra’s new logo…

The Flipkart-owned e-commerce brand redesigned its logo after being called offensive by a Mumbai-based social worker.

Designing and creating content for a world in lockdown

As marketers increasingly turn to the digital medium to connect with customers, how can the medium be used to work collaboratively? This webinar explores…
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"There is a shift from group work to individualistic work": Shekhar Badve, Lokusdesign

In our series 'Design Digest', we explore what the world looks like from the desk of brands' design heads, as they face new challenges.
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It's time for brands to stop talking and start doing

A guest article by Shekhar Badve, founder-director of branding and design agency Lokus Design, argues why brands ought to stop paying lip service to the whole 'purpose' narrative.
Guest Article

How brand design can reduce entropy


Maaza shows off new bottle packaging in formulaic ad


Snickers extends campaign to wrappers; boldly tweaks name on pack


Learning from Mastercard: Are logos entering a new era?