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Sleepy Owl ropes in celebrity Doppelgängers for new campaign

The campaign is inspired by Surreal cereal’s recent viral OOH campaign
Points of View

Is brand building with mascots a thing of the past?

Earlier, legacy mascots helped in building brands. Do the newer ones have the same impact?

Haven't Tried this Delicious Coffee?


Sleepy Owl launches new campaign with a brand Mascot

The brand campaign gives a clutter-breaking message: the coffee is ‘That Good’ and missing it is ‘Your Loss’.
People Spotting

Sleepy Owl appoints Aseem Sood as Vice President of Sales

Prior to this appointment, Sood headed Modern Trade for Mars Wrigley and also drove the strategic reinvention across import business & supply and supply chain.

Coffee drinkers crave cafe-like coffee at home, startups brew a perfect cup

Shut cafes and work from home led to an increase in in-home coffee consumption. But consumers are now looking beyond traditional instant coffee.