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ASCI redefines celebrity status; places greater responsibility on social media influencers

The revised ASCI code defines celebrities as individuals who either earn a compensation of Rs 40 lakh annually for appearing in ads , or have a social media following of 500,000 or more.
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Social Media Influencers get a new set of guidelines from Consumer Affairs Ministry

The ministry will regulate the advertisements posted by influencers on social media platforms without disclosing their affiliation to the respective brands.

For Gen Z, Instagram influencers have greater pull than celebrities: Omnicom report

The ‘Omnifluence Report’ reveals that only 13% of Gen Z follow celebrities, while 86% prefer to follow Instagram influencers.

Top 30 most influential Instagram Celebrities from South India for Forbes India

Qoruz has a digital tool (Qoruz Score) to calculate social media influence.