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Gajraj Rao and his Tata Pravesh door make a splash at Mumbai’s Worli promenade…

… It’s an ad that focuses on how this brand’s door is enough to satisfy most customer needs and that it now comes with contactless free delivery and installation.

Tata Pravesh comes to the aid of Gajraj Rao…

… Who is on the lookout for the ultimate wooden door.

Tata Pravesh - Doosri Azaadi


"Khula darwaza... Khula khula" says Tata Pravesh in a new ad film

A sequel to its lockdown-era #DoorsofIndia ad film, the new video celebrates the opening of doors as India opens after the lockdown.

Wunderman Thompson crowdsourced shots, sounds for Tata Pravesh's new ad...

... making it different from other lockdown era ads, which used stock images, or archived footage

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