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As users ponder shifting to Signal, Telegram, what can WhatsApp do to restore trust?

There’s anecdotal evidence of a possible mass exodus from WhatsApp to other messaging apps. What should WhatsApp do? And what role will advertising play?

Meet the brain behind the viral 'Signal' posters that people mistook for an official ad

Guess what? Ramkumar G is a B-school student who created this Signal poster to counter WhatsApp's official print ads.

WhatsApp takes out front page ads to reassure users about privacy policy

'WhatsApp protects and respects your privacy' - reads the copy of the full page ads that appeared in leading national newspapers.
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Dunzo, Tinder, Swiggy 'Signal' on Twitter about WhatsApp's privacy policy

Brands took the opportunity to pun on 'Signal' and 'WhatsApp' in their own unique ways.

WhatsApp responds to concerns about privacy policy update

An official blog post stresses that WhatsApp can’t view private messages or listen to calls, and neither can Facebook.

Demystifying the buzz around WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram

WhatsApp has been in the news recently because of an update to its terms and conditions. But what does it mean for users and rivals alike?

Zomato 'leaks' "confidential" marketing WhatsApp chat in mailer campaign

The mailer is a satirical take on conversations between the marketing team and the rest of the company.

WhatsApp introduces shopping button within the app

The app is looking to expand ways for people to check out available products and make purchases right from a chat.

WhatsApp gets nod for UPI money transfer in India; what does it mean for the payments space?

WhatsApp has got the official nod from the NPCI to enable payments. What are the implications for the digital payment space?

WhatsApp's COVID era ads emphasise privacy and staying connected

Two TVCs were released by the brand over the weekend. We spoke to Avinash Pant, marketing director, Facebook India, about the ideation.