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Qs to ask at Y-end

Our guest author encourages brands to delve into humility and rivalry-inspired growth for more insightful year-end reviews.
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Why strategy should always be child’s play

Our guest author explores how adopting a child-like mindset can influence strategic thinking.
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Is this the era of WSP - who is saying the proposition?

It seems so, at least if an average sampling of commercials during an IPL telecast, is anything to go by.
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Serious branding lessons from ‘The Joker’

There’s so much that marketers and brand custodians can borrow from Novak Djokovic’s exploits, says our guest author.
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Branding lessons with 'Big B'

Vinay Kanchan pens down his branding insights on how Amitabh Bachchan has managed to stay relevant over the years.
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EPL: Exclusive Precious Lessons in Branding

Our guest author believes brand custodians have a lot to learn from the English Premier League’s popularity in India.
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The light of branding insights from 'The Dark Knight'

Batman has risen once again to protect Gotham City. Here's what the character's journey can teach brand marketers.

Breaking the chains of female typecasting

Despite the progress in the 21st century, the portrayal of women in Indian advertising still leaves much to be desired.
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Branding darshans from Lord Ganesha

Vinay Kanchan delves into the branding lessons Ganesh Chaturthi, one of India's most loved festivals, has to offer.
Guest Article

Turning down the volume

The author talks about the lack of middle ground in most aspects of our lives these days.