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DLF looks for “non-network” creative partner

Specifically, the brand team is on the prowl for boutique-like creative shops with a strong design aesthetic.
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What to expect in the advertising business in the next three months

The COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing lockdown has paused almost all business activity. It's important to understand the present and plan for the immediate future.

Century old Lifebuoy ad finds relevance amidst COVID-19 crisis

With a few minor tweaks, the ad would still be relevant if published today. Hygiene brands and healthcare experts are repeating a 100 year old message.

Idea's new campaign rekindles 'What An Idea' tagline

The campaign will go live across TV, Radio and Digital media.
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20 years; 100 leadership tips

Adman Ananda Ray of Rediffusion holds forth...
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What is the efficacy of WhatsApp as a medium for ads and marketing?

We sought expert industry opinion on the issue.

In search for authenticity, are brands swinging towards real people?

Here is our analysis of how brands selectively choose their faces.
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How will the advertising and marketing industry change in 2020?

Ten predictions for trends that will accelerate in 2020 which will have implications for brands, agencies, skills, jobs.
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Narsimha Avatar and the bizarre world of marketing

How are the two similar?

Shopping toh ek bahana hai, apno ko saath laana hai!