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When everyone is responsible, but no one is to blame

As the Piyush Pandey hiding inside each of us is waiting to spew headlines and write copious body copy...
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Where on earth are the sexy ads?

A special guest essay by a marketer.

"The recipe for ads has changed": Google's Kim Larson

The internet giant flaunts the new formula of creativity.

‘CHLEAR’ launched to deliver Advertising Services for Indian Diaspora

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How social media made brands more human

A guest article about the rigid and holy 'brand strategy' of the past versus the modern day human-like adaptable brand. The author is co-founder and director at MAAD, a user-generated advertising and marketing platform.

Ebro India appoints Publicis India as its creative agency

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For advertising, it's the season to fake it...


The stage is set for the 5th edition of afaqs! Foxglove Awards powered by HT Digital Streams


Nirmalya Sen announces launch of The Rethink Company; asks “Does the world really need another advertising agency?”


Meet the adman who's made a web series on advertising...