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Google’s AI chatbot Bard now available in nine Indian languages

In Google Bard’s latest update, the company announces that the AI chatbot will now be available in 40 new languages and over 230 countries. New features have also been added to its operation.

Why are Indian digital news publishers wary of Google's new A.I. search?

Indian publishers ascertain the impact that Google’s ‘Search Generative Experience’ can have on website traffic.

Google to roll out AI chatbot Bard in 180 countries

Along with the announcement of Bard being more widely available, the company also announced the inclusion of new features to the AI chatbot.

Google's Bard pummels the company's stock after giving wrong answers in a promo

Alphabet lost more than $100 billion in market value when Bard fumbled misinformation in a promotional video.
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What can Google ‘Bard’ do for ad folk?

Digital advertising experts weigh in on the impact of ‘Bard’ and AI-powered chatbots on the industry.

Google unveils ChatGPT rival AI Bard

The experimental conversation AI service was released to "trusted testers" on February 6 and will be widely available to the public in the coming weeks.