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Adrenaline Rush and Iconic Goals: Shashank Srivastava's Passion for the Premier League

With the Premier League season starting on Friday, Shashank discusses how Maruti Suzuki's associations with the Premier League has delivered on the attributes of excitement and thrill to its brands.
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Fans and advertisers gear up for Premier League’s 30th season

With the league commencing from 14th August, advertisers have much to gain by engaging with the league’s premium audience.
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Fans and brands look forward to scoring big as Premier League returns…

A marketer and fan clubs share their experiences of association with the league and how are they keeping their hopes high in the new normal.
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Amul Jumps on the Football Brand Wagon as Broadcast Associate Sponsor for Premier League

afaqs! Reporter interviewed R S Sodhi, managing director of GCMMF (Amul), about the brand’s partnership with sports, recent associations, marketing objectives, yield factor, and more.