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Ford India reiterates its commitment to serve its existing customers

Its recent campaign #CommittedToServe assures customers of service even after the company stops production.
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Kapil Sharma is Ford India's new GM - consumer marketing

He will continue to fulfil his present responsibilities as head of communications at the American multinational carmaker along with the added responsibility.

Ford's new ads bring back a touch of 'family wali feeling' campaign

The new ads by GTB portray people going the metaphorical 'extra mile' for the people they care about.

Ford takes 'social content series' forward with third poem

The content series will comprise five films.
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When everyone is responsible, but no one is to blame

As the Piyush Pandey hiding inside each of us is waiting to spew headlines and write copious body copy...
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What headphone personality type are you?

Your choice of accessories could have more meaning than you think...

Ford India pulls a Gillette: A look at the brand's new 'woke' spots


"We wish to bust the myth that Ford cars are expensive to maintain": Rahul Gautam, VP Marketing, Ford India


Carat Media's Vidhu Sagar joins Blue Hive India


Facebook most important platform for marketers in India: E&Y report