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Instagram's hunger for Reels is unsatiable

They're everywhere. But, people are tired of them, the Kardashian sisters have railed against the TikTok aping, and has the static-post become obsolete?
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Instagram announces 90 second reels

The platform has also rolled out new features that will help influencers to engage more with their audience.

Is YouTube Shorts high on the minds of brands and content creators?

The short-form video-sharing platform competes with the likes of Instagram Reels, MX TakaTak and Moj in India. What makes it a viable platform for content creators and brands alike?
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Instagram announces 25 Under 25 creators list - a rundown on leveraging their reach for marketing

The list features creators from the length and breadth of the country - from Patiala to Darjeeling.

Instagram lures creators with its ‘Reels’ dangle in a new set of ads

The short-video segment is cluttered with players and divided among viewers; catching the best creators is the must-do for brands in the space.
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Instagram to allow creators to earn money through Reels

The feature is currently available only in the US, and will be available globally by 2022.
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Instagram Reels now supports 60-second videos; it’s a move to stifle rivals TikTok and YouTube Shorts

Creators are more likely to cross-post videos from other apps to Reels that, until now, used to limit videos to 30 seconds.
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Facebook announces its testing ads on Instagram Reels and In-Stream video

It will also begin testing sticker ads for Facebook Stories - which allow brands to create stickers that creators will place in their Stories.

Instagram Reels and Moj have released ads, other apps are on their way; short video apps are the newest advertisers

The short video space is buzzing, as apps aim to build awareness and capture a larger pie of India’s ‘young’ Internet audience.
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Snapchat introduces TikTok-like feature called 'Spotlight'

Spotlight gives users the opportunity to earn money with short format videos that look suspiciously like TikTok videos...