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What’s the fate of COVID-era products?

Do people still care enough to sanitise different surfaces, or boost their immunity?

"In research, averages are misleading when it comes to Indian consumers": Kavitha Rao, IKEA

The country commercial manager of IKEA talks about WFH, home decor trends and the Indian market as a whole.

Here's how Surf Excel's 'daag' and 'rang' have evolved over the last few years

The words may have evolved, but the message of staining clothes for goodness' sake, has stayed the same.

Home is where it all begins, says IKEA's latest ad campaign

It showcases the different use cases IKEA's products have in a typical Indian household.

"Ours is an impulse category, how many feel the same impulse when shopping online?": Varun Kandhari, Mars Wrigley, India; on Snickers

The director of marketing speaks about how the pandemic, lockdown and online shopping has impacted the impulse snacking category.
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Zomato reminisces the year gone by - 2020, lockdown, and the like

To mark one year in lockdown, these brands found a new way to sum up the 'new normal'.

"Shareability of content is an important currency in communication": Shakti Upadhyay, Kia Motors

A chat with the head of marketing and PR, Kia Motors India, on the marketing challenges during COVID-induced lockdown and the road ahead.

Dunzo's animated short film is a lockdown reminder that 'the story gets better'

The film illustrates how loneliness and the isolation of the coronavirus lockdown adversely affected people.

Maggi taps into sibling rivalry for sharing pack ad

The newest ad features two siblings fighting over a bowl of Maggi...

Lodha Group's new ad features Akshay Kumar and a monologue about home...

The campaign highlights how people may have missed out on celebrating beautiful little moments of their lives during the COVID-induced lockdowns.