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Knocking out challenges with the 1-2 combination

A perspective on cutting through the inanities and clutter, and arriving at sharper, more powerful and promising ideas.
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What is the efficacy of WhatsApp as a medium for ads and marketing?

We sought expert industry opinion on the issue.

Nielsen's annual FMCG report: an overview

The report highlights the growth of FMCG in fourth quarter of 2019.

“More important for brands to be famous than persuasive”: Sudhir Sitapati, Hindustan Unilever

HUL executive Sudhir Sitapati has written his first book.
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How will the advertising and marketing industry change in 2020?

Ten predictions for trends that will accelerate in 2020 which will have implications for brands, agencies, skills, jobs.

Meet Godrej Consumer Products' CMO Meghna Apparao

Here's a glimpse into Apparao's career and marketing style...
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Narsimha Avatar and the bizarre world of marketing

How are the two similar?
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Marketing Failure: How marketers failed to explain ‘risk’

The world doesn’t go around on fuel, data or power of governmental diktat.

Are consumers above 40 irrelevant?

Of course not. Then why do we see ageist marketing strategy all around?
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Decoding marketing to millennials and Gen Z

Read on to know how brands attract millennials and Gen Z.