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Finding the rhythm to music marketing

Our guest author Shubham Singhal writes about the far-reaching impact of social media, especially short-format videos on music marketing.
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Turning down the volume

The author talks about the lack of middle ground in most aspects of our lives these days.
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Can creativity be measured?

After all, creating memorable advertising requires not just high creativity, but also a deep understanding of the brand and the product category.

"Marketers must have the attitude of an editor-in-chief": Royal Enfield's Shubhranshu Singh

Marketing musings with Shubhranshu Singh, global head – marketing, Royal Enfield.
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Why it might be foolish for some to stop marketing during COVID-19

Are these times truly unprecedented in the sense that have we learnt nothing from past recessions? Also, aren’t difficult times like these said to be an acid test to bonds, or friendships?
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Marketing as an art even for teachers...

Teachers need to practice marketing as an art. This includes studying customer behaviour of students as well as of their parents. Why is it neglected?
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Selling to women: A view from the marketing corner offices

Theresa Ronnie says selling to women is an easy job. Marketers have many tricks to sell to them. Read on...
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"People aren't expecting clever, manicured responses from brands"

How should marketers reach out to their ‘high and fast’ spending consumers without coming across as callous and unfeeling?
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Marketing in the brave new world

The ongoing pandemic will force fundamental changes in human behaviour. How will these changes affect businesses and marketers?
Anonymous Angst

"Keeping our audience engaged is the biggest challenge"

How are the young, 30-something foot soldiers of the ad-media space coping? Our series 'Anonymous Angst' explores the underbelly