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Meta to shut down Facebook Creator Studio soon

The company will soon be merging the 'Creator Studio' with Meta Business Suite.
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Meta to restrict options advertisers have to reach teens

Starting February 2023, advertisers will not be able to use gender as a targeting option.
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Meta working on Twitter's alternative to gain from Musk-led chaos

Meta's Facebook and Instagram and other smaller social media start-ups see the Twitter chaos as an opportunity to grow.
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Meta’s updates to protect privacy of teens on Facebook and Instagram

Meta is encouraging teens to use the new safety tools and report anything that makes them uncomfortable.
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Shivnath Thukral is Meta India's new director of public policy

Appointment follows the exits of WhatsApp India chief Abhijit Bose and Rajiv Aggarwal, Meta’s head of public policy.
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65 percent of Meta's emerging 'Born on Instagram' creators hail from non-metros: Paras Sharma

Director & head of content & community partnerships, Facebook India, details Meta’s brand partnership process and creator vision.

Decoding the right PR exercise for mass layoffs

Meta, Twitter, BYJU’S and Unacademy recently downsized their workforce. How must brands sensitively communicate this decision to their stakeholders?
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Meta lets go of 11,000 employees after recording decline in revenues for two consecutive quarters

The company has also announced that it will be freezing all its hiring until Q1Y23.
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Disney Star’s Kaumudi Mahajan joins Meta

She was the senior vice president (marketing and strategy) - Marathi network.
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Meta to launch new WhatsApp features

WhatsApp Communities will be rolled out to all users globally.