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Nestle KitKat draws public ire after Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra seen on the finger chocolate’s wrapper

Social media accuses the brand of hurting religious sentiments; KitKat says it withdrew the packs last year (2021) in a "pre-emptive" move.

Nestlé takes a dig at Kellogg’s Corn Flakes in TOI print ad

The leading food and drink MNC has introduced a new offering, called ‘Gold Crunchy Corn & Oat Flakes’, that claims to be a better alternative than regular corn flakes.
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Nestlé's Tejash Chheda moves on from the company

He was working as Senior Media Manager at Nestlé.
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Nestlé's Rashi Goel joins Amazon India as Director Marketing

Goel was director - marketing and consumer communications at Nestle.

New KITKAT spots highlight day-to-day frustrations of Covid life

It reminds people of the difference a break makes when life’s little frustrations are getting to you.

Nestlé switches to damage control mode; launches print campaign to rebuild trust

The damage control move from the food and beverage giant comes following new reports questioning the ‘healthiness’ of the brand’s products.
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Will the Nestle controversy bring processed foods under fresh scrutiny?

Processed foods were never considered healthy, but in light of a leaked document, there is fresh scrutiny on these products. What impact will this have?

Is Maggi's '2 minute' proposition sandwiched between Saffola's '5 minutes' and Wai Wai's '0 minutes'?

While Wai Wai pushes its instant namkeen style avatar, Saffola Oodles promises a more honest preparation time - 5 minutes - as opposed to Maggi's 2...

KitKat break is now KitKat 'Dessert' Break

Apart from an interesting design change in the KitKat finger, the ‘Dessert’ in the name guides consumption towards a post meal occasion or ritual.

Maggi marketer Nestle India reports 111% YoY growth in e-commerce sales

The total and domestic sales for the year (2020) increased by 8.1 per cent and 8.5 per cent respectively.