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PlainSpeak with Sreekant

Madan Bahal: The improbable pioneer of India’s PR business

By his own admission, he is transactional by nature and doesn’t invest in relationships. And yet his Rs 352-crore Adfactors PR dwarfs rivals.

Why are many Mumbaikars paying a 70 per cent premium and ‘subscribing’ to single-source milk?

Some 10,000 homes are hooked on Sarda Farms’ white liquid. Can the company scale up its painstakingly-built farm-to-home model?

“What the hell are you doing?” puzzled friends asked Kunal Kapoor when he was co-founding Ketto

Ten years later, the question has been satisfactorily answered. The crowd-funding platform has raised Rs 1,100+ crore from donors. What does that say about Indian attitudes?

The wild ride of a college dropout turned internet entrepreneur

2022 has been a crazy year for Sidharth Rao. Dentsu Creative Bengaluru, which he headed, won Cannes Lions Agency of the Year – but Sidharth quit it to start something new. It’s all part of a long, heart-stopping entrepreneurial journey which began at 20.

Wakefit: How to race to Rs 1,000 crore in sales without losing money

Wakefit makes mattresses, pillows and furniture. How exciting can that be, you wonder. Prepare to be surprised.