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Google’s cookie phase-out hits a snag; data vendors won’t mind the delay

The tech giant’s struggle to let go of its cookies is a little too convenient for third-party vendors who are yet to be sold on alternatives.

Google commences global test to phase out third-party cookies

The company plans to deactivate third-party cookie tracking for all Chrome users by Q3 2024.

2024 is going to be a golden year for data solutions providers: Rajiv Dingra, ReBid

Rajiv Dingra, founder and CEO, ReBid, details how recent developments have helped the company realise 400% growth.

How Google's Privacy Sandbox redefines contextual advertising for digital publishers

Marketers speculate that the cookieless future, ushered in by Google’s new feature, can reinforce the concept of contextual advertising, and digital publishers could benefit.

How can web publishers prepare for ‘Chrome-ageddon’?

How will Google's cookie policy impact web publishing, programmatic buying, and advertising?