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Dettol warns netizens against 'fake videos', takes a stand on Twitter

Dettol took to Twitter to clarify that the company was investigating complaints of counterfeit products being manufactured/marketed under its brand name.

Germ kill can be "gentle", says Dettol in an ad for new soap variant, targeting moms

As consumers realise that 'beauty soaps' can kill germs just as well as 'anti-bacterial soaps', Dettol comes up with a 'gentler' variant.

Dettol - PVR partnership: What does it mean for both the brands?

The Dettol and PVR Cinemas partnership comes as movie screens across India are getting ready to reopen next month (August).

“Personal hygiene category’s relevance is at an all-time high”: Sukhleen Aneja, Reckitt Benckiser

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused drastic changes in consumer behaviour – but how long are these changes going to sustain?

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor tell us to disinfect surfaces with "any brand", in Lizol backed film

The 'shot at home' ad campaign urges users to use any brand to disinfect their homes.

Delhi HC restricts airing of Lifebuoy ad that ‘disparaged’ Dettol antiseptic liquid

The ad in question pitted Dettol antiseptic liquid against Lifebuoy soap – two products that have very different uses

India, with 23 shortlists, leads the APAC Effies 2020

The Leo Group leads the way with six shortlists, the awards show will be held virtually this year in September.

India’s hand sanitiser category sees more entrants as demand surges…

...But despite these brands making and selling hand sanitisers, it seems their products haven’t reached the stores and regional brands reign supreme.
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GSK appoints Mohit Kumar as digital marketing manager

Previously, Kumar was with Reckitt Benckiser and has handled the digital presence of key brands like Veet and Durex. He joined RB in mid 2018.

COVID-19 advertising: Dettol takes to TikTok with a challenge

It has only been launched for now, and as part of phase two of the campaign, Dettol plans to take the social media challenge across the globe