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Ruchira Raina joins Rediffusion as Head of South & East

She will be based out of Bangalore. Rediffusion’s Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai offices will report into her.

Is 'snacking wanderlust' past its peak?

Buoyed by prolific brand activity in ready-to-cook and food delivery segments, frequent snacking emerged as a biproduct of WFH over 18 months. As offices reopen, will the bingefest wane?
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Can creativity be measured?

After all, creating memorable advertising requires not just high creativity, but also a deep understanding of the brand and the product category.

Cadbury Bournvita launches a Rs 5 sachet but is the malted drink late to the scene?

Should the brand have introduced this sachet during the lockdown when the situation was pressing and the price benefit more welcome?
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'Vocal for Local' is not a marketing strategy

Does political ideology really translate to consumer demand? What should marketers consider before jumping on the bandwagon...
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Swiggy’s vice president consumer insights Ruchira Jain moves on

She’s now self-employed as an independent insights and marketing strategy consultant.