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Sebamed takes science-led marketing forward with pH campaign for hairfall

The German skin care brand’s latest ad is for an anti-hairfall shampoo. It asks the consumers not to trust recommendations from friends and family.

Sebamed talks about scalp pH in new shampoo ad...

The new ad is extension of their 'Sirf Science ki Suno' campaign and advertises for an anti-hairfall shampoo.
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Sebamed - Jaaniye Hairfall Shampoo ka Sach


And now, a soap brand that parodies the Sebamed-HUL saga...

Brinton Pharma's Neobar says that expert doctors trump women in bathtubs.

Sebamed offers free pH testing kit with its soap now

A front page ad in major newspapers including Times of India offers users a free at-home pH testing kit on purchase of the soap.

At nearly four times the price of the average beauty soap, can Sebamed balance pH with pricing?

A bar of Sebamed is priced at Rs.199. Dove, Lux and Pears are priced at Rs. 45, 28, 40, respectively.

Sebamed releases statement on the controversial pH-level soap ads

The controversial ads which openly named brands like Lux, Pears and Dove is no longer available on the company’s official YouTube channel.

HUL's Dove responds to Sebamed's 'mild pH' claims with print ads that reiterate gentleness

The print ad comes hot on the heels of Sebamed’s print and outdoor ads that pull up major soap brands like Dove, Lux, Pears and Santoor.

Skincare brand Sebamed names Lux, Pears, Santoor, Rin in digital ads

In a series of posters, and TVCs Sebamed takes the comparative advertising route to show why it's milder than rivals.