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Switzerland launches a comprehensive tourism brand, "Switzerland"

The "Switzerland" brand features a cross instead of the letter T, symbolising its trustworthy origins and the optimism of its destination.

Ticketless-duo Federer and Trevor Noah explore Switzerland together

Switzerland Tourism launches the 2023 #IneedSwitzerland campaign film ‘The Ride of a Lifetime’ showcasing the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Roger Federer and Anne Hathway are annoyed with Switzerland Tourism

The brand ambassadors feel their screen time in the new ad for the tourism board is near zero.

Robert De Niro rejects an offer from Roger Federer to be a part of a Switzerland Tourism spot

“Switzerland is just too perfect,” says the Oscar-winning American actor to justify his refusal.

Roger Federer teams up with Switzerland Tourism as its brand ambassador

The tennis great looks to do for the country what he does for the sport – draw in the crowds.

afaqs! Creative Showcase: Ranveer Singh re-positions Switzerland...


Switzerland Tourism recreates cable car ride on billboard