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Brands’ head honchos star in their own product ads

It’s an exercise in personal brand building, while simultaneously endorsing their company’s products.

India's protein craze now hits chocolates, chips, sodas and more

Now, a range of products use added protein content as a marketing tool. But why are brands adopting this strategy?
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The Whole Truth is back on Instagram but on their own terms

The packaged food brand took a break from Instagram on July 9th.
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Why is The Whole Truth Foods ditching Instagram?

Shashank Mehta, founder and CEO, shares why the D2C startup is taking a break from the social media app.

Whole Truth Foods CEO Shashank Mehta endorses yet another brand

The latest is his testimonial style ad for the startup Ultrahuman Cyborg.

RazorpayX turns to start-up CEOs to endorse its payroll solutions

The first, in a series of ads conceptualised by Talented, features Shashank Mehta - the CEO of The Whole Truth Foods.

“We don’t have the time to be sweet and nice with our advertising”: Shashank Mehta, The Whole Truth Foods

The brand’s latest ad campaign starring Rohan Joshi has a few truth bombs to drop on its consumers.