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The cookie conundrum: How are brands adapting beyond the demise of third-party data?

With Google’s slow but sure phasing out of cookies, brands are looking into alternatives. Here’s what they’re finding.

As the cookies crumble, digital agencies pivot to contextual advertising

In the absence of cookies, agencies are now focusing on first-party data, prioritising compliance while pushing the envelope with creativity.

How Google's Privacy Sandbox redefines contextual advertising for digital publishers

Marketers speculate that the cookieless future, ushered in by Google’s new feature, can reinforce the concept of contextual advertising, and digital publishers could benefit.

Online publishers forge ahead to embrace the cookieless future

The impending demise of third-party cookies has prompted a wave of adaptation and innovation within the industry.
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The end of cookies: what's next for marketers?

With the impending elimination of third-party cookies, are brands equipped with adequate alternatives?

“Contextual targeting is essential for marketers": Maruti's Shashank Srivastava

He said this during a discussion around a world sans third party cookies, at an IAMAI event.

How can web publishers prepare for ‘Chrome-ageddon’?

How will Google's cookie policy impact web publishing, programmatic buying, and advertising?