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Influencer Marketing

Regional content, global expansion, and offbeat influencers: Qyuki Digital Media’s next big steps

Juhi Mehta, COO, anticipates influencer marketing vertical rise with live streaming, videos, shoppable content, virtual influencers, and more.
Guest Article

AI-powered matchmaking: Precision in influencer partnerships

Our guest author delves into AI's role in elevating influencer marketing, ensuring better alignment between brands and audiences through advanced analytics.

Doordarshan Kisan unveils first government TV channel with new AI anchors 'Krish' and 'Bhoomi'

The anchors reportedly will be able to speak around 50 different languages.

79% of Indian marketers are experimenting with AI in their workflows: Salesforce Report

Marketers are looking to AI — both generative and predictive — to help personalise at scale and boost efficiency.

Concept Communication’s approach to AI, AR, and emerging technologies

Vivek Suchanti, chairman, Concept Communication, believes even if clients have adopted AI, they prefer agencies for new and effective tech solutions.

Deepfake scammers attack Mark Read

The fraudsters impersonated the WPP CEO using a fake WhatsApp account, voice clone and YouTube footage in a virtual meet.

Apple apologises for the iPad Pro 'crush' ad

The ad had received severe backlash especially from the creative community alleging it represented creativity being crushed by technology.

How are marketers embracing the ambiguity and challenges around AI?

Industry leaders speak about the different ways in which they are integrating AI into solving everyday marketing problems.

Meta’s revenue up by 27% in Q1

The profit was driven by increased advertising revenue and a 6 % rise in average ad prices on its platforms, says the company.

Focussed on content that AI can’t create: ImagesBazaar’s CEO Sandeep Maheshwari

The founder of the stock images portal sheds light on how the company is navigating the impact of generative artificial intelligence.