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From 'Have it Your Way' to 'You Rule': Burger King launches its new ad campaign

The fast food brand is planning to expand digitally with the new ad, which is a part of its "Reclaim the fame" campaign

Subway Surfers introduces Burger King challenge, complete with mascot King runner

Players can participate in the challenge over the next 10 days.

Burger King UK lines up McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway for some outdoor grilling

OOH ads mock BK’s rivals using its grill lines as the instrument of burn.

Burger King’s guerilla tactics turn an infuriated Hrithik Roshan into a brand ambassador of the QSR's Rs 50 range

CMO and CDO Kapil Grover explains why it choose to do such a campaign and if it marks the start of a pricing war with rivals.

Licious roasts McDonald's and Burger King with print ad

The ad for its ready-to-cook burger patty product references the age-old rivalry between Burger King and McDonald’s.

Burger King turns 911 into a personal feedback line

It’s the QSR giant’s new campaign to encourage feedback from customers.

Burger King announces Meme Premier League to celebrate T20 season

The fast food company will be posting a grill-worthy meme moment from each match on its Instagram stories daily.

Burger King’s new crap-free ice cream is shit

The fast-food giant has introduced a poop emoji ice cream that is free of any kind of artificial ingredients.

Ola’s ‘8 missed calls from mom’ clickbait for International Women’s Day, draws universal ire

Using such antics isn’t funny, or smart marketing.

Burger King, to lure meat lovers to its plant-based Whopper, masquerades close-up shots of veggies as meat

Cooked by David Madrid, the print and outdoor campaign is hilariously misleading.