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Burger King wants you to dance on TikTok and earn a $1 Whopper

You'll have to dance to the 'Whopper dance' soundtrack to be eligible for the $1 Whopper.

Burger King offers to bail out quarantine chefs

Burnt rice, charred steak, stiff cake... Sometimes, cooking can go horribly wrong. Burger King's latest contest invites users to make the most of it.

Burger King's new Whopper reeks of social distancing

It has tripled the onions in the Whopper, introduced social distancing crowns,and yes, the brand has taken a dig at McDonald's too.

Brands tweak their logos to remind people of COVID - 19 precautions

As they tweak their most impressionable aspect, it will help people remember the precautions to take to prevent the virus' spread.

Rent a place near a McDonald’s outlet says, Burger King

In its new campaign called 'Best Neighbour', Burger King once again takes potshots at its rival while highlighting its standout feature.

Brands react to Burger King's mouldy whopper ad...

BK's rotten burger gets people talking.

Burger King’s ‘re-moulded’ new ad stars a month-old Whopper…

This may be the fast food chain’s grossest ad ever.

Burger King's love affair with the clown continues

Post a selfie with him tagging Burger King India and get a free Whopper.

Burger King's friendly grill


Burger King lays down 'anda kanoon' for egg burgers

The 'egg rules' are part of the brand's special campaign for 'World Egg Day'.