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Burger King urges people to order a Big Mac

The American fast food giant is earning praise for urging customers to order from other restaurants.

Burger King replaces Bloody Mary with “Cancelled Clown”, takes a dig at rival McDonald’s

A creepy clown is haunting the mirrors of Burger King toilets.

When a fallen soldier rose to finish the Whopper

It’s an ad for Burger King but it’s not what it seems. Read on.

Burger King responds to disgruntled McDonald’s fans on Facebook

Beneath all the ribbing, BK still cares about its old friend and its customers.

Burger King's Twitch marketing ploy falls flat

It's that one time when the 'King' faced the heat.

Burger King is letting the masks do all the ordering

In a 'Whopper' move, customers can now get their orders printed on a mask.

Burger King wants you to dance on TikTok and earn a $1 Whopper

You'll have to dance to the 'Whopper dance' soundtrack to be eligible for the $1 Whopper.

Burger King offers to bail out quarantine chefs

Burnt rice, charred steak, stiff cake... Sometimes, cooking can go horribly wrong. Burger King's latest contest invites users to make the most of it.

Burger King's new Whopper reeks of social distancing

It has tripled the onions in the Whopper, introduced social distancing crowns,and yes, the brand has taken a dig at McDonald's too.

Brands tweak their logos to remind people of COVID - 19 precautions

As they tweak their most impressionable aspect, it will help people remember the precautions to take to prevent the virus' spread.