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Burger King hatches a plot to 'hack' the T20 cricket series

In a video similar to hacker group Anonymous' messages, a faceless hacker announces that the T20 match would be hacked for offers.

After Burger King, Taco Bell introduces economical menu items

The latest menu addition offers consumers a curation of five of Taco Bell’s signature tacos at Rs 50 each.

"The role of a CDO is to integrate commerce with marketing": Kapil Grover, Burger King

We profile Burger King's CDO turned CMO, who spoke to us about a marketer's role in a digital ecosystem, and more.

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Burger King has ‘artificial’ ingredients beaten up in a new spot

The aggressors — natural ingredients — want to get rid of the ‘artificials’ from the Whopper.

Heinz and Burger King reward users driving as slow as ketchup in traffic jams

The campaign takes the term 'bottleneck' traffic quite literally.

Does Burger King’s Ch’King pose a threat to the Whopper?

The QSR’s latest spot has got the King all terrified.

Pepsi uses hidden logos to claim it goes better with burgers than coke

It’s the cola brand’s push to fight Coke’s decades-long dominance at Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s.

Burger King’s new spot revels in post-pandemic “confusion”

It offers discombobulated people the solace of a meatless Whopper.
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From burgers to gaming; Fernando Machado to join Activision Blizzard as CMO

Former Burger King CMO heads to the video gaming giant behind iconic names like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Diablo and Candy Crush Saga.