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Meta to shut down Facebook Creator Studio soon

The company will soon be merging the 'Creator Studio' with Meta Business Suite.

With increased focus on video content, Meta to end support for Instant Articles

After April 2023, news links on Facebook will take a user to a publisher’s mobile site.

Dukaan, dhanda, khareedna... why are there so many commerce-like words in Facebook’s ‘More Together’ ads?

Facebook is a mammoth in terms of online communities, but like Google, it is yet to crack the commerce side of the internet.

New Facebook ads explore the role of social media during a pandemic

The four new ad films are a continuation of the social media giant’s India-centric 'More Together' campaign.

Shopping on social media? A look at 's-commerce'

Now, social networks want users to shop while scrolling/swiping.
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Facebook announces new brand logo

Facebook's global CMO wrote a blog post announcing the change

A virtual temple takes devotees on a spiritual trip!