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Why is CRED not profitable yet?

In an Instagram Story, Kunal Shah, founder of CRED, had this to say.
Guest Article

Challenges faced by fintech brands in building trust with customers

Our guest columnist gives his take on how fintech brands can build 'trust equity' in the highly competitive space.
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What will digital advertising in 2023 look like?

We asked four experts about the new categories of brands that could up their digital ad spends and the platforms that will attract most spends in 2023. Here’s what they had to say:

FMCG, gaming, edtech, fintech remain top spenders in the first half of 2022

Four industry experts analyse the ad spends for the year so far.

ZeroPay’s campaign uses condom packs to create awareness about the platform

The packs carry a scannable QR code that can be used to visit the fintech platform’s website.

"Want to deliver gold loan at doorstep faster than pizza": Rupeek marketing head

A chat with Shalabh Atray, senior vice president, marketing and digital, Rupeek, on ‘gold tech company’ Rupeek's maiden advertising outing and the category it plays in.

The fintech boom in India: challenges, audiences and the 'trust' factor

On Day 2 of CMO week, a panel of marketers discussed the fintech sector in India in detail – audience, trust, growth potential, et al.
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"What demonetisation did to fintech, COVID-19 has done to edtech"

Says our guest author, as she tells us why striving for less will help us solve (things) better.

LazyPay's new ad makes a Sacred Games reference...

The new campaign is titled #LazyPayHaiTohSortedHai

Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?