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James Bond pours a Heineken while waiting for his flick to hit the screens

The beer and his movie ‘No Time To Die’ is “well worth the wait”.

Heineken’s pro-vaccination ad brews a Twitter backlash

Folks against the vaccine are furious at the brand for taking a pro-vaccine stance.

Heineken introduces beer delivery B.O.T

The bot is meant to be a replacement for outdoor beer cooler containers and can hold up to 12 cans of beer at once.

When Cristiano Ronaldo 'moved' millions for Coca-Cola

When Ronaldo put two Coca-Cola bottles out of sight, he caused quite a stir on the Internet and stock markets.

United Breweries' Gurpreet Singh on liquor trends in a market caught in intermittent lockdowns

A chat with the marketing head of United Breweries is telling of the trends in the liquor industry during lockdowns and unlock.

Heineken's new campaign urges users to 'drink and drive'

Don't worry, it's not alcoholic beer that the brand is referencing.

A dry day in the life of James Bond

The ads feature James Bond sipping on Heineken 0.0 non-alcoholic beer.

Persuasion to tough love - consume responsibly, exhort brands

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Sandeep Balan joins Spring Marketing Capital as partner - branded content


Bobby Pawar turns live comedy standup act into an ad for Heineken...