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What will be the impact of the ban on TikTok and other Chinese apps? An expert analysis

TikTok, CamScanner and Helo together reach 60-70 per cent of the Indian Internet population, as per Comscore India data for May.

Helo Turns 2; Promises 3-day celebration with a star-studded LIVE Marathon

The company introduces the 'Creator Center' to empower its creator community and #PowerOf2 in-app features to facilitate user engagement.
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Rohan Mishra named Head of Helo in India

Based in Gurgaon, Mishra will be responsible for supporting Helo's business strategy, development of Helo's products and growth in India.
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Celebrities, cricket and non-English content – Helo's potent mix for India

As Helo makes a major push for user acquisition with a national campaign, we catch up with the platform's head of entertainment Chhandita Nambiar

Helo's #AntiDengue campaign garners 150+ million views in 12 days

The campaign, devised by the Helo Care initiative, was launched on October 14.

GroupM's Sameer Singh moves to ByteDance... what exactly is it?