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Zomato's ad entry draws inspiration from Fevikwik's 'fishing' ad

Zomato has begun uploading winning contest entries to their YouTube page, but one of the entries caught our eye...

Instagram advertises its short video platform 'Reels' during IPL broadcast

The campaign ‘Do Your Thing’ is a set of four films showcasing AR, music and editing features that allow users to create content.

Imperial Blue’s new Men Will Be Men spot, with a celeb this time

The slice-of-life commercial highlights yet another lighthearted and relatable ‘menism’.

To make KFC more regular than just an indulgence

The fast food major's new ad urges you to order it whenever you're tired of the same home food.

ICICI Lombard cautions against pizza, burger temptations as India ‘unlocks‘

The ad film revolves around a conversation between the heart, stomach and brain, showcasing the eternal conflict between temptations and a healthy lifestyle.

CEAT turns Aamir Khan into an animated crash test dummy 

We see test dummy Khan choose a car with CEAT Tyres because safety is important.

ITC Savlon takes on mask offenders in a new campaign

You’ve got to make people understand that wearing a mask is not a joke.

Why touch the switch when you can say, "Alexa, switch on Wipro lights"?

As India embraces contactless habits, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting makes a case for smart lighting.
Advertising celebrates the game's changing nature in new ad campaign

It is a data-driven platform that not only keeps you up-to-date with what's happening but gives you the tools to predict what is to come.

Amid a wave of sanitiser and disinfectant ads, here's a soap ad from Savlon Hexa

With its Hexa pro power, the brand claims that the soap can offer protection from 99.99 per cent germs.