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Corporate Communications and PR

The evolving role of social and traditional media in PR

A deep dive into how the dynamics between PR and traditional media have evolved since the advent of social media.
Corporate Communications and PR

Exploring data integration in PR strategies: Focussing and using relevant data

Industry experts deliberate on the role of data in measuring PR success, the need for data literacy, and more.
Corporate Communications and PR

Are airlines’ crisis comms up in the air?

Is communication really the key? Industry specialists discuss its importance and role of PR in maintaining brand reputation.
Corporate Communications and PR

Ruder Finn's tech leap tells us all about PR's evolved role in modern marketing

On the back of consistent tech integration, the agency's chief technology officer explains how PR has embraced a new role in the current landscape.
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The Evolution of Public Relations in the Post-Pandemic Era: Embracing Collaboration and Global Integration

PR professionals need to understand key transformations, strategies, and emerging trends that are shaping the future of PR, says our guest author.
Corporate Communications and PR

Why a third of PR agency revenues are non-traditional

Several agencies have dropped 'PR' from their name because they expect non-traditional revenues to soon top 50 per cent of the total.
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When the worst is only a tweet away: PR crisis management techniques

Our guest author explores nine of the best PR crisis management techniques that can help organisations.
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Corporate communication and PR: same agenda, but do the approaches match?

Our guest author says corporate communication professionals need to work in harmony with PR agencies and take advantage of the latter's wisdom.
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PR: a trick or a treat?

Good public relations isn't just about the launch, it's also about maintaining a steady communication flow with media outlets and consumers, says our guest author.

Goafest 2014: "KPMG has ensured the winning work is authorised by the advertiser and exposed in the media": Srinivasan Swamy