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LinkedIn's creator program kicks off, what could this mean for brands?

The recently launched 10-week Creator Accelerator Program will offer 200 shortlisted individuals additional resources and guidance from LinkedIn mentors.
Social Media

Zomato fields criticism on social; throws momos at grumbling netizens

Zomato trends on Twitter after confirming its 10 minutes instant food delivery service.

The 'Indian Matchmaking' saga: What makes brands and influencers swipe right on each other?

While influencer marketing is an attractive medium for brands to create buzz, matching with the right influencers is a challenge.

IPG Mediabrands ranks YouTube as the most responsible social medium

In a first, IPG Mediabrands has released a Media Responsibility Audit of the different social platforms.
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The battle of the social media platforms - What should a creator focus on?

Here are some tips and tricks to hack the algorithm, and build a loyal follower base on the most-used social media platforms.

Ek Lakdi Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga…. Fevicol sings on social media

Read again! The hit love lyric from the ‘90s finds meaning in Fevicol’s new social media creative
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Kent ad analysis: Outraged social media Vs anxious condominium aunties

When brands run into a social media blaze, what’s the best way to douse it? Our guest author thinks aloud and holds a mirror up to netizens.

Corona conversations drop 20% as cases increase by 200%: Autumn Grey

A report by the marketing agency says, among other things, that education brands have been more active on social media, than banking and pharma
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Love in the time of quarantine

A photographer in Brooklyn, New York asked a girl out on a date during quarantine, using a drone. And, all this unfolded over social media
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When brands engage with each other in social media banter...

Here is what goes on behind Parle-G's social media handle.