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Where did the 'me' on Amazon Prime video go? Tinder, Dunzo, Unacademy wonder...

A multi-brand campaign on Twitter asks users where the 'ME' from Amazon Prime Video went...

"We never pitch to parents to pay for courses; it's about making quality education available": Karan Shroff, Unacademy

From being a marketer at Xiaomi to democratising education via technology - here's Unacademy CMO Karan Shroff's journey.

When Unacademy used IPL moments to instil learning

The ad makes use of India’s cultural sentiment – that everything offers a learning experience.
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Karan Shroff is now Unacademy’s CMO

He was its VP, marketing until September 2020.
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Sujeet Kumar joins Unacademy’s Board of Directors

As a member of the Board of Directors, Sujeet will be advising on operational growth and business strategies.

Zev Siegl, Co-Founder of Starbucks takes Live Class on Unacademy

The internationally renowned coffee brand co-founder shared life experiences and learnings to motivate Unacademy learners.

Sourav Ganguly conducts Live class on Unacademy

Close to 30,000 learners attended the Legends on Unacademy Live Class by Sourav Ganguly.

Edutech firms pull down their paywall for students under 'house arrest'

To help students, teachers and institutions, edutech firms are letting them access their content for free to ensure that education isn't disrupted

Laqshya Media exhibits Unacademy 'Let's Crack It' campaign


Unacademy targets small town scholars... its latest campaign titled 'Let's Crack It'