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Gerson da Cunha: A great pillar of Mumbai

The author pens a beautiful tribute to the adman, stage and film actor, social worker, author and one of the last great men of Bombay.
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Now you see her, now you don’t…

Over the past few days, the good ol’ Myntra logo has been needlessly sexualized. Our guest author decodes the semiotics of it.
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ASCI’s role complementary to new law

People who accuse the ASCI of being a toothless organisation, seem to be missing the point entirely.
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How will the Consumer Protection Act 2019 affect the ASCI?

There is much curiosity around the new Act, what it means, and how it might affect the role of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI).
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The ‘new normal' is now the ‘old normal’

It has become quite fashionable during CE (COVID era) to call everything the ‘new normal’. It's almost as if mankind has made a stunning new discovery.
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“Greedy marketers have taken advantage of the pandemic to sell their wares”

According to our guest author, advertising self-regulation has to be pre-emptive in a crisis. Here’s his argument.
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Advertising in times of Coronavirus

While happenings around us inspire advertising, a promising opportunity, at times, might blur the lines between the dos and don'ts of the job
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Is advertising really dead?

A look back at advertising over the years...
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Prabhakar Mundkur's tribute to Subhas Ghosal

Mundkur recently spoke at the Subhas Ghosal memorial event.
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For advertising, it's the season to fake it...

An opinion piece by a former adman.