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47 gold metals won at Digies Digital Awards 2021

A total of 117 metals were awarded across 39 categories. Two special awards - Brand of the Year and Agency of the Year - were awarded to the maximum metal scoring participant.

afaqs! Marketplace promises business enquiries on its 1st Anniversary

The online platform, which helps advertisers discover the right agency, has changed both, its membership rates as well as its proposition.

21 participants strike gold at Digies Digital Awards 2020

A total of 95 metals were awarded across 34 categories. Of the total wins, there were 39 gold, 28 silver and 28 bronze metals.

"Does afaqs! Marketplace guarantee new business?"

That’s the commonest question we’ve got asked about the platform which helps marketers find communication partners. The story behind the answer is a little bit longer.

afaqs! launches Marketplace, a platform to connect marketers and agencies

Because the landscape of creative partners has fragmented enormously, afaqs! Marketplace wants to aid their discovery by advertisers.

31 metals won at MI Awards 2020

Among the top scorers this year was the FM brand Red FM, with a total of six metals - four Gold, a Silver and a Bronze. A total of 14 golds were won.

Where do UGC and OTT intersect?

Industry experts dissect the trends.

Big screens to small screens, what changes?

A core question that experts from across the industry tried to answer..

The fourth edition of vdonxt asia is just a day away!

The most engaging convention for digital video is being held on January 29.

4th edition of vdonxt asia is here…

The event will be held on January 29, in Mumbai