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Anupam Bokey moves on from Too Yumm!

He has been the CMO at Too Yumm! since 2017.
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Is brand loyalty a luxury we can no longer afford?

Today, people will buy whatever is available. What does this do to brand loyalty? Is it a luxury buyers can no longer afford? Where does that leave marketers?

"Lower the price point, higher the consumption rate": Anupam Bokey, CMO, Too Yumm!

In an interview, Bokey says snacking is a Rs 28,000 crore industry in India

The many avatars and roles of 'content'

From entertainment to commerce, content has many faces today...

Anupam Bokey

CMO | RPSG FMCG – RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group

"RCB partnership to keep Virat Kohli off-limits for rivals": Anupam Bokey, Too Yumm!


Do marketers still think of video ads in online-offline terms?

CMO Special

Anupam Bokey

Vice President - Marketing (CMO), RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group

When a long copy ad masqueraded as an open letter by Virat Kohli