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Anupam Bokey joins Allied Blenders & Distillers as CMO

He was the CMO at Too Yumm! until May 2020.

What's the impact of migrant movement on retail FMCG consumption?

From buying local brands to change of loyalty and the need for trust, we deep dive to see how migrant labour movement has changed retail FMCG consumption.
People Spotting

Anupam Bokey moves on from Too Yumm!

He has been the CMO at Too Yumm! since 2017.
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Is brand loyalty a luxury we can no longer afford?

Today, people will buy whatever is available. What does this do to brand loyalty? Is it a luxury buyers can no longer afford? Where does that leave marketers?

"Lower the price point, higher the consumption rate": Anupam Bokey, CMO, Too Yumm!

In an interview, Bokey says snacking is a Rs 28,000 crore industry in India

The many avatars and roles of 'content'

From entertainment to commerce, content has many faces today...

Anupam Bokey

CMO | RPSG FMCG – RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group

"RCB partnership to keep Virat Kohli off-limits for rivals": Anupam Bokey, Too Yumm!


Do marketers still think of video ads in online-offline terms?

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Anupam Bokey

Vice President - Marketing (CMO), RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group