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ITC Vivel's ad subtly differentiates work from home and work for home

In a spot that talks about how similar remote working and household work is, ITC attempts to drive the point of equality home.

Ariel’s COVID era iteration of ‘Share the Load’

As part of its #ChangeTheCycle campaign, Ariel presents the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary feats.

Ariel chooses transgender doctor as protagonist in new ad

The ad by BBDO India shows the struggle of Kerala's first transgender doctor VS Priya.

Procter & Gamble aims for equal representation of female directors for its ads in India

P&G plans to build, fuel and connect a pipeline of diverse female talent in advertising, media and content opportunities as a solution.

Tide joins laundry PODs segment in India

The brand is also running an influencer-led marketing campaign on Instagram to push the product and draw attention to it.

Ariel launches laundry pods in India

Ariel 3in1 PODs are 3-chambered PODs providing the consumers with a 3in1 HD Clean benefit – cleaning, stain removal and brightness.
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Lay's India goes on a gratitude spree

It thanks several brands on social media for their efforts during the lockdown.

What exactly is Anil Kapoor doing in this Ariel ad?

TV ads featuring the Bollywood actor and print ads with chef Sanjeev Kapoor reiterating Ariel's efficacy as a stain removal agent.
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Ariel's 'Share the Load' campaign makes TikTok debut

TikTok helps Ariel put a fun twist on 'Share the Load' by inviting users to upload videos of themselves sharing household chores, equally.

Did you know that the sound of laundry getting done can help you rest better?

Isn’t it peaceful to sit back and relax as someone else takes over half the chores and helps to #ShareTheLoad?