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Detailing Quora's vision for it’s AI Model: Poe

Vinay Pandey, chief revenue officer at Quora underlines the platform’s evolution and its innovative AI model, Poe.

WPP to invest $318 million in AI technology, expects flat revenue growth in 2024 : Report

It plans to leverage AI opportunities, optimise creative transformation, accelerate growth, and enhance cash generation.

IT Minister announces deepfake advisory for tech firms: Report

Electronics and Information Technology minister Chandrasekhar raised concerns about deepfake and AI misuse at GPAI Summit, New Delhi.

Dummies guide to GenAI for digital marketing

Here's a look at the generative AI Solutions in advertising and marketing offered by big tech.

BFSI brands embrace AI-driven marketing tools; discuss upskilling for AI age

Industry experts discuss how brands adopt new inventions, help to upskill young professionals and leverage Quora.

PUMA India launches AI-Powered 'PUMA DIVE' campaign with Virat Kohli for sporting season

Top entries will have the chance to play a real life cricket match against PUMA brand ambassador Virat Kohli or win his special boots.

Coca-Cola launches limited edition soda created using AI technology.

The Zero Sugar Y3000 soda was co-created with artificial intelligence.

Digital publishers weigh AI's promise against plagiarism concerns

Digital publishers discuss AI's role in mass content creation, stressing human oversight for text and image-based content.

Maybelline's fresh take on makeup bridges real and virtual worlds

What makes the brand's approach distinct amidst the familiar landscape of virtual makeup trials on e-commerce platforms?
Guest Article

Integrating marketing automation and AI to drive efficiency, scalability

AI’s unparalleled ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is transforming modern marketing, says our guest author.