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Cadbury 5 Star plans to erase Valentine's day in latest campaign

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the campaign introduces a ‘time travel vessel’ to skip February 14.

Cadbury 5 Star continues 'Do Nothing' campaign with new film

It has been directed by Prasoon Pandey (Corcoise Films) and conceived by Ogilvy India.

Let go of the FOMO and ‘Do Nothing’ this summer, says Cadbury 5Star’s quirky new campaign

The chocolate and caramel bar is depicted as a hammock, sofa, and a literal escape key on the keyboard.

Cadbury 5 Star has built a real-life 'V-Day Evacuation Zone' in Bandra, Mumbai

A bite-sized chat with Ogilvy chief creative officer Sukesh Nayak on the campaign.

Cadbury 5 Star unveils an AI mush detector for Valentine’s Day

The chocolate bar’s ‘Do Nothing’ philosophy is using AI to track couples on the day of love so that singles can steer clear of them.

Seeing stars everywhere: 5 Star does nothing in its new campaign

A simple tweak of its logo was all that the brand needed for a ‘zero spends’ campaign.

“What plans for Valentine’s Day?” hurts; Cadbury 5 Star is giving you an out from the wound this year

But it goes against its sibling Dairy Milk that loves to ask “how far will you go for love?”
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Swiggy Instamart delivery covers reference old ads, crossword puzzles

The covers converse with customers after the transaction is over to keep them engaged.

Cadbury 5 Star wants you to mine ‘NothingCoins’ by doing nothing; use them to buy goods or exchange them for JioMart vouchers

How do you earn them? You read the headline. There’s a ‘NothingCoin’ bank too.

Swiggy Instamart saves Ramesh-Suresh from chocolate shortage with instant delivery

A humorous take on the popular Cadbury 5 Star ad, this one highlights Swiggy’s speedy delivery promise that can save one from an unexpected shortage.