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Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk launches its new variant Silk Ganache

The origins of Ganache, is believed to have roots in France around 1850s, when a French chef accidentally poured hot cream in a bowl of chocolate.

Our aim is to create ads that are discussed at dinner tables across Indian homes: Sukesh Nayak, Ogilvy

The CCO of Ogilvy India talks about the planning and execution of the #CheerForAllSports campaign.

Cadbury Dairy Milk shines the spotlight on all sports and sportspeople delivering an inclusive message with #CheerForAllSports

A 100 pack of Cadbury Dairy Milk, comes with a QR code, which when scanned, will lead to a microsite with a calendar of other sporting events during the upcoming IPL season.

Cadbury Dairy Milk celebrates special moments in the lives of people who help us in our day-to-day chores

The campaign is executed in collaboration with NoBrokerHood the visitor, society and accounting management system.

Cadbury Dairy Milk urges people to partake in others’ happiness in its new generosity campaign

Launches a new TVC and introduces a refreshed take on brand’s purpose to evoke small acts of kindness.

Fridge mein meetha, toh ghar meetha


“What plans for Valentine’s Day?” hurts; Cadbury 5 Star is giving you an out from the wound this year

But it goes against its sibling Dairy Milk that loves to ask “how far will you go for love?”

Cadbury adds more cream to its Oreo; brings ‘Double Stuf’ to India

It’s a differentiated eat experience, not just a product change says Mondelez India's Sunainika Singh.

Cadbury Dairy Milk hits the sweet spot inside a fridge with six new ads

Says we should always have something sweet inside the fridge.

From Cadbury’s feminist take on a retro ad to Swiggy’s equality focussed cookbook - a round-up of the best of adland from 2021

Missed a good campaign this year? Don’t worry, the team at afaqs! has you covered…